I have been on a journey of personal development and spiritual growth for many years. As I learn and grow, I like to share what I've learned with others. One of the biggest tools I've utilized is the power of affirmations. Keeping simple and empowering phrases in your mind is the best way to stay on the path to success. What better way to share a positive mindset than with small empowering statements that others can see. There's no simpler way to share gratitude and love with others than through little visual cues like the ones on our tee shirts, phone cases and coffee mugs. 

Coming Soon: The Positive Pocket Books. My sister and I have been sharing affirmations and positive statements in creative little books for as long as I can remember. These books were filled with simple affirmations, photos, magazine clippings and encouraging stories to help each other through life's challenges. We would send them back and forth to each other wherever we were in the world - as we rarely lived in the same town.

My sister and I are currently busy creating a series of books "The Positive Pocket" and "Sisterhood of Inspiration" to encourage you too! Coming in October 2019!